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In-House TV Advert

Each corporate partner will have your advert showcased on the in-house screens along with the 3D flyover, typically in the bar and lounge, the Pro Shop or areas of highest foot fall. The screens are interactive with media being interchangeable throughout the season.

Website Exposure

The 3D flyover is positioned on the venue’s web page for all members and visitors to access. A banner advert is placed upon your sponsored hole, with a direct link to your landing page when clicked.

Complimentary Golf

Each corporate partner will be given a complimentary golf allocation, complete with a Clubhouse Corporate Partner membership card.

*Golf allocation is subject to agreed limit with venues individually.

Branding At Your Chosen Venue

Each corporate partner will be given exposure throughout the venue

Artwork Design

We can create the digital artwork for your campaign, or this can be provided to our Design Team to upload if you have creative imagery available.

*An additional charge of £399 (plus VAT) is included if the artwork is created by Clubhouse Ltd.


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